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Cost will depend on the size and location of your home or business and the extent of the problem. We will be pleased to give you a fast and accurate estimate over the phone or via email, responding to inquiries within one hour. There are no hidden costs and follow-up assessments/treatments are included.

Our company has over 60 years of combined experience in the pest control industry. Our technicians are insured, criminal record checked, and certified with the Province of BC. We implement state-of-the-art pest management programs and our service professionals participate in ongoing training by certified experts as part of our employee development plan. All technicians are professional in appearance, with clean uniforms, professional manners and punctual timing.

Safety is our top priority. Every product we use is registered and governed by the federal government. We strictly adhere to the product label when using chemical applications and our service professionals are trained on the proper application of materials to ensure a safe and healthy environment for your family and pets.

Integrity and quality service are the bedrock of our company. We will do our absolute best to make sure that you are happy with the quality and results of your service. Different types of pests are guaranteed differently. When you contact us to receive your free estimate, we would be happy to explain the guarantees.

Our pest management professionals rely on pesticide application as just one part of a total pest management program. The untrained consumer, who purchases a pesticide over-the-counter, will most likely not have the expertise to properly apply the product and the knowledge to prevent future outbreaks and reduce the impact of the current outbreak. Our technicians have the training, expertise and sophisticated techniques to manage pests in an environmentally friendly way that puts the safety of you, your family, employees and company first.

The best method for treating rodents is exclusion – keeping them out of your structure in the first place. A mouse can fit through a hole the size of a dime, while a rat can fit through a hole the size of a quarter. After sealing any entry points, we can implement a variety of humane and effective solutions, including snap traps, glueboards, and rodent-baiting programs.

We will work with you